Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Are You Embarrassed Of Your Belly Fat? Here's What To Do

Get Rid Of Belly Fat & Bloating

Belly Fat

Losing belly fat and getting rid of bloating can be such a struggle. In fact, for many of us, our belly is the last place that ‘goes’ as we begin to lose weight. We could be losing inches from our thighs, arms and shed weight around our neck and face before we see the inches begin to shrink around our waistline.

Not seeing instant results can lead to frustration, so you need to keep in mind that just because you may not see the inches go from your waistline, it doesn’t mean you are failing in your weight-loss goals. Weight will come off evenly, for the most part, meaning that you’ll see a reduction in overall weight all over your body rather than just in one place.

You’ve likely heard the term “spot reduction” right? This is when someone focuses on exercises that aim to eliminate fat from specific areas of the body. The truth is, spot reduction doesn’t work. If you focus only on one area of the body, you’ll still end up losing weight from head-to-toe!  This is a great thing because you’ll end up with an even weight loss and a better, more leaner frame.

That being said, incorporating core-based exercises into your weight-loss routine that specifically focuses on the major groups of muscles will definitely help you burn more fat. The bigger those muscle groups are, the more fuel they need (fuel being calories), which will lead to rapid weight loss.

Make sense?

Let’s take a look at a few things you’ll want to avoid when focusing on getting that flatter, toned stomach:

You Booze, You Lose

You may enjoy a few glasses of wine with dinner every night not realizing that these sugary calories can stack up, throwing your system off balancing and knocking you off track in your weight loss journey.

Our livers process alcohol before they work on breaking down protein and carbs, which means that alcohol itself slows down your body’s overall fat burning ability.

But hold on! Don’t panic and start pouring that bottle of chardonnay down the drain just yet.

You can still enjoy one glass a day without an adverse effect on your fat burning process. To be safe, stick with 12 ounces of beer, a single wine (5 oz.) or some spirits (1 oz.) with a low-calorie mixer. Red wine also contains fewer carbs and sugar content than white wine so enjoy that glass of Pinot Noir!

Muscles, Metabolism, Calories and Cardio

The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will work. Muscle beats fat when it comes to overall metabolic activity.

This also means that the more muscle you have, the more calories you can eat and burn all day.

For example, a woman that is 5’4”, 150lbs, has 22% body fat, lifts weights and does cardio 4-5 days a week can eat 2,500+calories per day.

That's more than a woman who is 150lbs, 30% body fat and sedentary 7 days a week. The second woman can only eat around 1,600+ calories.

Each woman requires a different caloric intake due to their size, activity and body fat percentage. The woman with less body fat and more muscle needs more energy (calories) to maintain her body. Resistance training can be your friend in building lean muscle.

Take a Chill Pill

Weight loss pills and other items are usually never as effective as a good diet and exercise regime. When you want to lose that stubborn fat the best pill to take is a chill pill! The anxiety and stress you may feel from your daily life can cause extra cortisol to be produced in your brain. This hormone only encourages your body to store more fat (especially in your abdomen).

Take time out of your day to simply relax whether it’s a few minutes of calm meditation in the morning or a quiet cup of coffee. Work on allowing yourself to not be too overwhelmed and stressed. I know, easier said than done at times but the more you focus on letting go of stress, the easier it will be to condition your body not to hold onto that excess weight.

Eat and Drink More!

You should be very careful about how many calories you cut when you are focusing on a calorie deficit. If you are uncertain about how much you should be eating, you can use a Total Daily Energy Expenditure calculator.

Here’s a free one:

A TDEE calculator can give you an idea (based on your height, age, weight and other factors) of the number of calories you need to eat to maintain your current body weight. When you have that number, you can decide how many calories you should cut per day.

Cutting 500 calories from your daily diet is usually fine, but cutting 1,000 or more too quickly can wreak havoc on your metabolism and cause you to be fatigued and light headed.  While drastically cutting calories can lead to faster weight loss, if you go back to your old style of eating, you’ll see all that weight pack back.

It’s always better to slowly and surely reduce your calorie intake, replacing empty calorie foods with ones that are full of nutrients.  Those foods will leave you feeling full for a longer period of time as well.

And don’t overlook the importance of staying hydrated!

Drinking more water is a great way to stay hydrated, have clearer skin and keep your body operating at its peak performance. Get yourself a water bottle and keep it filled up. It might mean a few extra trips to the restroom while you’re at work but you will also see the scale tip in your favor.

Drinking more water also helps to flush out extra water weight and rids your body of toxins that can impede your weight loss.