Monday, 26 August 2019

Who is An Influencer?

Who is An Influencer???

There are a lot of people on the web that are keen to make a lot of money. These tend to include the likes of internet marketers who make money from selling affiliate products. To them, getting rich and being able to retire to a sunny island somewhere is the ultimate “dream” for their business.
Better yet, they might hope to earn “passive” income, meaning that they’ll be able to generate more income even while they’resleeping or relaxing. Passive income is income that generates  itself But is that all you really want to achieve from your online efforts?

Is that really the only thing that can come from your hard work?

The truth is that working online creates a huge number of opportunities and one of the very biggest is to become an influencer.

Why is this such a big deal?

Well, to put it simply, an influencer is someone who is not only able to generate a lot of money from their website or online business, but who is also able to also generate a lot of buzz when they need to and sway the popular discourse. A “thought leader” who can persuade and encourage and motivate people to get behind a cause.

What’s more, is that an influencer is a new type of celebrity.
Someone who is known around the world, and who can enjoy the
MANY exciting perks that come from that.

Being an influencer also means that the income you are generating is completely stable and resilient. It means that you aren’t reliant on a single product or service: you are the product!
You can get paid thousands of dollars by companies simply to make a sponsored post (this can mean just wearing their merchandise!). The going rate is $1,000 for every 1,000 YouTube
subscribers for a single sponsored video. Now imagine if you have 1M subscribers!

Note that if you want to know how much your brand is worth, you
can check it out using the site (

Or you can drive traffic to your own products. Imagine being in a position where anything you released would automatically have potential audience of hundreds of thousands of buyers!
If that sounds at all appealing, then becoming an influencer might just be for you!

What Makes You An Influencer?

But we still haven’t answered that fundamental question: just what is an influencer?

An influencer is essentially someone with access to a large audience, who is able to influence that audience and change the way they feel about something/generate interest for a product or service.

Generally then, we think of an influencer as an Instagram star with hundreds of thousands of followers, or as someone on YouTube with a large following. It could also be someone running a blog and gaining a lot of views for each of their articles.

Answer this question: if you released an eBook right now, would people flock to buy it? If you posted an image of you wearing a particularly item, would that drive people to ask about it and maybe buy it as well?
If the answer to those questions is “yes,” then you are an influencer.

Do You Have to Be a Celebrity?

So do you need to be a celebrity to be an influencer? Not at all!
Firstly, it’s definitely possible to build a large and engaged audience without having been a celebrity to begin with. But even once you make it, being a big influencer doesn’t necessarily need to mean gaining 1M subscribers (though that is definitely welcome and a great target to aim for!).There is also such thing as a “micro-influencer.” This is someone that has a significantly smaller audience, but that still has the power to influence and persuade, and that will still prove to be an appealing target for a potential marketing company.If you have 2,000 followers on Instagram but those followers are highly engaged, then you still have the ability to generate buzz.

What’s more, is that if you influence the right person, this can then influence other big influencers creating a spread.
Being a smaller influencer like this is actually ideal for some marketing agencies as they know that you will likely charge less, while still having a big positive impact on helping to increase their brand awareness and the desirability of their product. And of course creating a small amount of influence can help you drastically when it comes to increasing sales in your own business.

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