Saturday, 31 August 2019

How to Make Amazing Content for Instagram~How To Be An Influencer

How to Make Amazing Content for Instagram.

Finally, if you want to make amazing content for Instagram, there are a few things to consider. The first is going to be the way in which you offer value. Here, you have two primary options: either you create images that are beautiful, motivating, or inspiring, or you create content that offers information and value that way (you can do both).
To create inspiring and motivating images, you need to think about the mission statement yet again and then think about ways you can polish your content and make it look attractive.
To create content that is instruction or that provides value through information, you should focus on providing tips and advice particularly within your description. This way, you give people a reason to want to follow and stick with you.

The ideal combination is to do both. A beauty influencer might upload a photo of herself looking glamorous and perfectly polished while shopping in a great, pristine, outfit. This is inspiring and encouraging for the viewers who might find themselves wishing they could look and feel like that. As such, they might follow with the hopes of being more encouraged and finding more tips for fashion. Underneath, a long post might tell a personal story that is laced with useful tips and that ends on a soft sell.

Taking Great Photos

The other tip is to take great photos. For this, a good camera (or camera phone) will help a lot – but it is not essential.
More important, is understanding composition and framing. The best photos should tell a story, which means you don’t necessarily take a direct photo of the subject, but rather show something that speaks to another point or that is evocative Think about how you can show things like scale and mood.
Lighting can affect mood, while changing the angle of the shot can create scale (and thus importance). Give your photos depth by considering the foreground, middleground, and background.
And definitely consider the lighting and how that will be flattering or otherwise/how it will cast shadows in a dramatic manner.

There are MANY more tips when it comes to strategy and content
creation for these platforms but that goes beyond the scope of this book. As an influencer, it is your job to learn about things like SEO, keyword research, persuasive writing, site optimization, ideal frequency of posts, best times to post, tools you can use,
and more. But this is something you will learn as you go, and if you do, each post you upload will perform better than the last.

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